Mitsubishi-Mr. Slim P-Series Air Conditioner

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The PKA (Cooling Only)
12000 to 34200 Btu/h Capacity

  • INVERTER-driven compressor
  • PKA-HAL/KAL use a wirelesshand-held controller

Ideal for applications such as:- Churches, classrooms, day care rooms,out buildings, guard houses and more

  • Test conditions are based on AHRI 210/240.
  • Specifications are subject to change without notice.
  • Limited warranty: Seven-year warranty on compressor. Five-year warranty on parts.

Ultimate Comfort Meets Ultimate Convenience
Select from a wall-mounted, hard-wired controller(PKA-HA/KA) for ultimate comfort control.
The set-temperature display is large and easy to read.Using the 24-hour timer, you can get the unit operationto start and stop at specified times and to repeat daily.And the convenient remote provides easy control ofthe Fan Speed as well as the col, heat, AUTO andDry modes from anywhere in the room.
The hand-held wireless remote controller is easier touse than most TV remotes for the PKA-HA(L)/KA(L).

Lightweight, Easy-to-install Indoor Unit
The smallest PKA unit measures about 36” wide, 11-1/2” tall and 9-3/4”deep. It weighs just 29 lbs., is easily installed above windows or doorways,and can typically be installed by just two licensed installers in abouthalf of a day. And the PKA-Series models don’t even require ductwork,only a small three-inch opening in the wall or ceiling, so they can be installedin some of the toughest spaces, even on brick and masonry walls.

Auto Vane Control
With a simple press of the OFF button, the vane closes the air outlet for aclean presentation when not in use. During operation, the vane can be adjustedwith the remote controller to the perfect position to direct the airflowhorizontally in cooling mode or towards the floor in heating mode, keepingroom temperature even and comfortable.

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